On the 5+2 Talks on the Transnistrian Settlement Process: Statement to the PC

OSCE emblem at the entrance to the Hofburg Congress Center, Vienna. (USOSCE/Colin Peters)

The United States would like to join the European Union in applauding the resumption of the 5+2 talks on the Transnistrian Settlement Process last week in Berlin.  We express our appreciation to the German Chairmanship-in-Office and our support and encouragement to the sides for taking this step.  The United States continues to support a comprehensive settlement of the Transnistrian conflict through the 5+2 process, consistent with Moldova’s territorial integrity while providing a special status for Transnistria.

We encourage the sides to remain committed to the process, to engage constructively, and to work steadily towards the completion of the action items agreed upon during April’s 3+2 meeting in Moldova, including: license plates, apostilization of diplomas, telecommunications, and ecology.  Resolving these items will help set the stage for the planned Bavaria Confidence Building meeting in July.

The United States takes this opportunity to reaffirm its strong support for the OSCE Mission to Moldova.  The Mission continues to play an essential role in efforts to broker a comprehensive settlement to the Transnistria conflict, not only facilitating both direct dialogue and formal negotiations in the 5+2 format, but also supporting confidence- and security-building measures and helping to address freedom of movement and socio-economic issues.

The United States urges the Transnistrian authorities to give OSCE personnel unrestricted access to Transnistria to fulfill their mandate.  The OSCE Mission plays an important role in reporting on the political and security situation in the country, including the Transnistrian region. We hope all parties to 5+2 talks, and the Chair’s Special Representative, will make it a priority to address this situation.

Thank you, Mr. Chair.

As delivered by Ambassador Daniel B. Baer to the Permanent Council, Vienna