Bosnia and Herzegovina: Formation of Council of Ministers

As delivered by Ambassador Ian Kelly
to the Permanent Council, Vienna
February 16 , 2012

The United States welcomes the February 10th appointment of a new Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We congratulate Chairman Bevanda and the entire government as they take up the important responsibility of leading Bosnia and Herzegovina forward on behalf of their citizens.

Bosnia and Herzegovina faces serious political, economic, and social challenges, and we hope members of the new Council of Ministers will set aside personal differences and provide the unified leadership the country requires to meet these challenges. We look to the new Council of Ministers to meet the requirements for moving Bosnia and Herzegovina towards the EU and NATO.

The success of democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina is crucial to the future stability of the Western Balkans, and we encourage the Council of Ministers to engage in regional dialogue and to strengthen Bosnia and Herzegovina’s relationships with its neighbors.

We offer our friendship and support to the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina in meeting these responsibilities and challenges.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.