Response to the Progress Report on Initiating Review of Implementation of the 2003 OSCE Strategy Document for the Economic and Environmental Dimension

As delivered by Ambassador Ian Kelly
to the Permanent Council, Vienna
December 13, 2012

We extend our sincere appreciation to Ambassador Lozos for his leadership and work this year in reviewing the implementation of the 2003 Maastricht Strategy Document, which sought to refine and further clarify the work of the OSCE in the Second Dimension.

As specified in the OSCE decision adopted in Vilnius, and as Chairman Lozos has rightly pointed out that there are really two components to this particular tasking. The first is to undertake a review of the implementation of the 2003 Maastricht Strategy Document. The second is to use that review to determine whether the Maastricht Strategy needs to be adapted or refined to meet today’s challenges in the Second Dimension.

What is clear from our discussions over the past year is that this two-part exercise is fundamental not only to this particular tasking, but to the vitality and relevance of our Second Dimension work in general, and should be seen as a continuing conversation. Indeed we have seen an excellent example of this in the conversations and deliberations that went into last week’s Good Governance Declaration. In many respects, that declaration is an evolution and refinement of the points on good governance and transparency that were included in the original Maastricht Strategy Document.

As we look to the future of our work in the Second Dimension, and in light of the cooperative spirit which continues to prevail in this area of the OSCE’s work, the United States believes we must all continue this analysis and conversation throughout this next year. We encourage the incoming Chair-in-Office, the OCEEA, and the Economic and Environmental Committee to build on the work done this past year. We, the OSCE participating States, should take the ideas developed through this year’s focus on good governance and transparency and incorporate them into the upcoming year’s discussion on the environmental footprint of energy-related activities.

We also encourage the incoming Chair-in-Office and the OCEEA to take full advantage of the recently created Economic and Environmental Dimension Implementation sessions this next year. With the proper emphasis and attention by both the Secretariat and the participating States, the EEDIM will become an increasingly useful tool in our efforts to improve the OSCE’s utility in the Second Dimension. We also believe that greater involvement of both OSCE field personnel as well as outside organizations and experts in the EEDIM will enable a more informed and productive conversation.

The United States once again would like to thank Ambassador Lozos and his team, as well as the OCEEA and its staff, for the tremendous work they all have done this year to facilitate an engaging and productive conversation on the Maastricht Strategy Document and the work of the Second Dimension. We should continue our efforts to realize the potential that exists in this dimension for cooperation and mutual benefit for all 57 participating States.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.