Human Rights Violations in Crimea Must Stop

Молодые люди с флагами крымских татар взобраться на горы Чатыр-Даг в честь 71-й годовщины массовой депортации советского диктатора Сталина крымских татар, 16 мая 2015. (AP Images)

Human rights violations severe and systematic in Russia-occupied Crimea

Since its March 2014 illegal occupation and attempted annexation of Crimea, Russia has conducted a gross, systemic crackdown against Crimean Tatars and those who have spoken out against Russia’s actions.

Murders, torture, harassment, illegal detentions, disappearances, and the persecution of journalists, human rights defenders, and activists are among the widespread human rights violations that have taken place in Crimea during Russia’s occupation. Making matters worse: Russia has refused to acknowledge or investigate these crimes.

Impunity for human rights violations in Crimea must stop

The United States and the international community have stood united in the face of Russian aggression in Crimea. At the United Nations General Assembly, we spoke with one voice in declaring that Ukraine’s borders will not be redrawn by force – that Crimea has been, is, and will remain part of Ukraine. We’ve put in place tough sanctions on Russia that will stay in place until the occupation ends. And we continue to work to ensure that the fundamental freedoms and universal rights of Crimea’s people are protected and respected.

With our partners and Allies, the United States will continue work to call on Russia to end its illegal occupation to an end, to advocate for the dignity and rights of the people of Crimea, and to hold human rights violators to account.

Human Rights Violations in Crimea: Recent USOSCE Statements

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