Equal Justice: Women Are Making the Legal Profession Fairer and More Equal

IWD2017 Schuetz

“When I decided to pursue a legal career, some people noted how non-female friendly the legal profession is. Somehow, the thought had never occurred to me as a young adult at the time. I was inspired by a popular television drama (featuring a male lawyer) and failed to see why gender would make a difference.  Many years later, having worked for and with the judiciary and in rule of law institutional development for the OSCE, I am surrounded by strong women (and men) who have made justice their career. Women have made justice and rule of law institutions their “turf” and transformed the profession with it. I am amazed to experience these changes as much as I am thrilled to be part of an organization which advocates a world which is fairer and more accepting to all.”

Rezuarta Schuetz is the Senior Rule of Law Officer at the OSCE Office in Skopje