U.S. welcomes Bosnia and Herzegovina’s steps towards EU integration: Statement to the PC

The United States joins in welcoming the endorsement on February 23 by the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina of the “Written Commitment” to pursue progress in the EU accession process. Bosnia and Herzegovina belongs with Europe, and has the elements it needs for success: an educated work force, natural resources, proximity to important markets, and a unique diversity among its peoples that bring it great strength. We hope the reforms outlined in the Written Commitment will make the most of those elements, improving the standard of living for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s citizens in tangible ways.

A vote in Parliament is just one of many steps to come, and now is the time for the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina to begin implementing the Written Commitment and delivering the justice, peace, and security its citizens expect and deserve, consistent with the commitments made and principles supported by OSCE participating States. The United States pledges to continue working with Bosnia and Herzegovina throughout this process, and to work with the European Union as it helps Bosnia and Herzegovina meet the high standards of EU membership.

Thank you, Mr. Chair.

As delivered by Chargé d’Affaires Kate Byrnes to the Permanent Council, Vienna | February 26, 2015