News & Events

January 2010 Statements

01/28/2010 – Permanent Council Statement on Russian Federation’s Call for Protection of Human Rights Organizations in the North Caucasus Region (PDF – 177KB) Statement on Human Rights Concerns in Azerbaijan (PDF – 148KB) Statement on the Sixty-fifth Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz (PDF – 154KB) 01/25/2010 – Open Skies Consultative Commission Special Haiti Imaging Mission (PDF – 173KB) 01/21/2010 – Permanent Council Statement on January 17 Presidential Election in Ukraine (PDF – 149KB) Statement on the Murder of a Kyrgyz Journalist in Kazakhstan (PDF – 146KB) Announcement of U.S. Policy Speech On Internet Freedom (PDF – 144KB) 01/19/2010 ... Read More»

December 2009 Statements

12/30/2009 – Special Permanent Council Statement on the Extension of the Mandate for the OSCE Office in Minsk (PDF – 65KB) 12/17/2009 – Permanent Council Statement on “Elections” in the Abkhazia Region of Georgia (PDF – 102KB) Statement on the Denial of Judicial Review in the Zhovtis Case (PDF – 77KB) Statement on the Closure of the Democratic Society Party in Turkey (PDF – 73KB) Response to the EU’s Statement on the Death Penalty (PDF – 92KB) 12/10/2009 – Permanent Council Response to Special Representative and Coordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings (PDF – 77KB) Response to ODIHR Final Report on Elections in Afghanistan (PDF – 84KB) Statement on Commemoration of International Human Rights Day (PDF – 82KB) Read More»

November 2009 Statements

11/24/2009 – Reinforced Permanent Council Looking to Athens (PDF – 157KB) 11/19/2009 – Permanent Council Response to the President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly (PDF – 86KB) Statement on Verdict in the Court Case of Imprisoned Youth Activists in Azerbaijan (PDF – 76KB) 11/12/2009 – Permanent Council Statement on Geneva Talks (PDF – 75KB) Statement on the Intimidation of Journalists in Kyrgyzstan (PDF – 79KB) 11/06/2009 – Special Permanent Council Response to Alternate Foreign Minister of Greece, Dimitris P. Droutsas (PDF – 81KB) 11/05/2009 – Permanent Council Response to the Special Representatives on Tolerance and Non-Discrimination (PDF – 81KB) Response to Minister for Foreign Affairs of Croatia (PDF – 101KB) Read More»

October 2009 Statements

10/29/2009 – Permanent Council Response to Report of ODIHR Director (PDF – 87KB) Response to the Report of the Representative on Freedom of the Media (PDF – 80KB) Response to the Report by the High Commissioner on National Minorities (PDF – 84KB) Statement on Murder of Ingushetian Opposition/Human Rights Activist, Maksharip Aushev (PDF – 82KB) Statement on the Release of the 2009 Religious Freedom Report (PDF – 122KB) Response to the EU’s Statement on the Death Penalty (PDF – 92KB) 10/22/2009 – Permanent Council Response to the Head of the OSCE Presence in Albania (PDF – 79KB) Response to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Lithuania (PDF – 108KB) Statement on the Upholding of Yevgeniy Zhovtis’ Conviction (PDF – 97KB) 10/15/2009 – Permanent Council Response to the 2010 Unified Budget Proposal (PDF – 84KB) Response to the Head of the OSCE Mission to Moldova (PDF – 151KB) Response to the OCEEA Report (PDF – 147KB) Statement on Turkmenistan’s Perennial Absence from the HDIM (PDF – 172KB) Statement on the Signing of the Protocols by Armenia and Turkey (PDF – 136KB) 10/14/2009 – FSC/PC Response to the Deputy ISAF Commander (PDF – 95KB) Read More»

September 2009 Statements

09/24/2009 – Permanent Council Response to Kyrgyz Minister of Interior (PDF – 78KB) Response to the Secretary General’s Report on the Implementation of the 2004 OSCE Action Plan for the Promotion of Gender Equality (PDF – 104KB) Statement on the Geneva Discussions on Georgia (PDF – 77KB) 09/17/2009 – Permanent Council Response to Report on Border Security by CPC Director (PDF – 79KB) Statement on Human Rights in Uzbekistan (PDF – 71KB) Statement on Albanian Parliamentary Elections (PDF – 79KB) 09/15/2009 – Joint FSC/Permanent Council Statement on the 2009 Annual Security Conference (PDF – 84KB) 09/10/2009 – Permanent Council Response to Head of OSCE Mission in Kosovo (PDF – 155KB) Statement on Sentencing of Human Rights Defender in Kazakhstan (PDF – 70KB) Appointment of United States OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chair (PDF – 145KB) 09/03/2009 – Permanent Council Response to the Head of the OSCE Center in Ashgabat (PDF – 152KB) Response to the CiO Personal Representative on Dayton Accords, Article IV Implementation (PDF – 72KB) Statement on Violence Against Journalists and Human Rights Defenders in Russia (PDF – 77KB) Statement on the Situation in Georgia (PDF – 151KB) Statement on Media Freedom in Kazakhstan (PDF – 79KB) Statement on Media Freedom in Uzbekistan (PDF – 77KB) Read More»