Statement Welcoming Mongolia as an OSCE Participating State

As delivered by Deputy Chief of Mission Gary Robbins
to the Permanent Council, Vienna
November 22, 2012

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

Ambassador Enkhsaikhan, it is with great pleasure that the United States welcomes Mongolia to the OSCE as a participating State.  The United States commends Mongolia’s commitment to uphold the Organization’s principles and founding values, and its dedication and patience on the road to becoming a participating State of the OSCE.

Mongolia’s leadership in the international community has deeper roots than simply its participation in the OSCE.  Its progress over the last several decades provides an important and timely illustration of the value and importance of democratic systems.  Through its open political environment, regular elections, commitment to meeting human rights standards, and current role as chair of the Community of Democracies, Mongolia is a positive role model for all of the participating States in the OSCE.  As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently said, “if you want to see democracy in action, if you want to see progress being shaped by leaders who are […] concerned about lifting up their people […], come to Mongolia.”

Mr. Ambassador, Mongolia’s experiences will enable it to contribute meaningfully to our work at OSCE.  I encourage you to add your perspective and your voice to our efforts to strengthen the OSCE and its institutions, and to advance OSCE’s comprehensive concept of security.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.