On Recent Developments on the Occupied Territories of Georgia

Recent Developments on the Occupied Territories of Georgia

As delivered by Ambassador James S. Gilmore III
to the Permanent Council, Vienna
May 28, 2020

Thank you, Mr. Chairperson.    

We congratulate you on your leadership with respect to the Unified Budget, and that of many other countries in support of your efforts to bring about a substantial Unified Budget for this Organization, so we can move forward successfully under your leadership.
In response to the matter, that has been raised by the delegation of Georgia, the United States is deeply troubled by reports that Russia-backed entities are continuing their intensified operation of “borderization” in 12 villages along the administrative boundary lines of the Russia-occupied Georgian territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, most recently in Mereti village on May 21. We call for an immediate halt to the construction or reinforcement of any structures, fencing, signs, or barriers intended to strengthen or expand the “borderization” of the administrative boundary lines. These activities constitute one more in a series of attempts by Moscow since 2008 to seize Georgian territory.

We once again call on Russia to end its occupation of 20 percent of Georgian territory and fulfill its obligations and commitments under the 2008 ceasefire agreement, including to withdraw its forces to pre-conflict positions and allow unfettered access for the delivery of humanitarian assistance.

Thank you, Mr. Chairperson.