Response to Representative to Latvian-Russian Joint Commission on Military Pensioners: Statement to PC

We welcome Lieutenant Colonel Napiontek back to the Permanent Council and thank him for his report.

We commend the Joint Commission’s work over the years in resolving issues of concern that relate to military pensioners. We were pleased to hear about the Joint Commission’s resolution of the issue of who may be considered an eligible military pensioner.

Lieutenant Colonel Napiontek, you once again noted that there continues to be an absence of individual cases brought to the Representative’s attention. As you stated, a large portion of the Representative’s work is completed, and you called for a less active role for the Representative in 2016. We welcome your proposal for a reduction in the Representative’s budget, and look forward to these funds being redistributed to support other elements of the work of the OSCE.

Thank you, Mr. Chair.

As delivered by Ambassador Daniel B. Baer to the OSCE Permanent Council, Vienna