Right of Reply On World Press Freedom Day

Right of Reply On World Press Freedom Day

As delivered by Ambassador James S. Gilmore III
to the Permanent Council, Vienna
May 7, 2020

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

Just a quick reply because we did raise this issue of press freedom in various countries within the OSCE. Many of these countries that we referred to are our friends, and we intend to have them be our friends. The personal representatives that are there at the OSCE are friendly to the United States. Nevertheless, it is incumbent on us to raise these important principles particularly on World Press Freedom Day.

When we think about our aspirations for our friends in the OSCE region and the goals that we see in the Final Act, it is the furthering of freedom of information– even through it is inconvenient, even though it is unpleasant, even sometimes, if it is not true– we are free to conflict with it, and to challenge it and to argue with it in order to give our citizens the greatest possible information.

On this World Press Freedom Day, I am reminded of our friend, Thomas Jefferson, who very frequently said, where the press is free and every man is able to read then all is safe.

Thank you very much , Mr. Chairman.