Right of Reply to the Russian Federation on the Situation in Ukraine

As delivered by Ambassador Daniel B. Baer
to the Permanent Council, Vienna
July 17, 2014

Thank you, Mr. Chairperson.

We’ve just heard again a recitation of a fictional account of what’s transpired in the last few months. I’ve expressed regret before that it seems we live in the real world, which is very different from the parallel reality that is regrettably put forward by our Russian colleagues. Rather than engage on the various aspects of that fictional account, I wanted to clarify a couple of pieces with respect to the United States in particular.

There were assertions made with respect to “Washington’s plan” or “the United States’ geopolitical designs”. Let me underscore again what I’ve underscored before, which is that the United States does have a geopolitical plan, we do have geopolitical designs. And our plan has been consistent, and we have vocalized it repeatedly. Our plan in this region of the world, and in all regions of the world, is for a rule-based order that is grounded in human dignity; that allows for the prosperity and democratic destiny of all people. That is our plan. It is open, transparent, and for the world to see, criticize, discuss, engage with, that is the plan.

Within the context of this crisis, we have also been consistent: in supporting the human rights of the Ukrainian people, and the right of the Ukrainian people to choose their own destiny. That remains our plan. That remains our commitment. It’s not going to change. It has been the plan from the beginning, and it will be the plan that guides us going forward. Sanctions are a way of showing that there are consequences for violations of law and norms. They are part of the plan; they are part of enforcing a rules-based global order that is governed by rules grounded in human dignity. Russia continues to violate global norms. We, and others, will continue to impose consequences for those violations.

Thank you, Mr. Chairperson.