On the Political Situation in Macedonia

The United States was disappointed that President Ivanov declined to offer the opportunity to form a new government to representatives who have a clear parliamentary majority. We believe this action was inconsistent with OSCE commitments, basic democratic principles, and the rule of law, which are core values of this Organization. Read More»

Roma and Sinti Issues | Statement at Working Session 15 of the 2016 HDIM

Two weeks ago, ODIHR and the German chairmanship organized a conference on the role of political leaders in countering discrimination, racism, and bias-motivated crimes against Roma. This conference built on an excellent side event convened during last year’s Human Dimension Implementation Meeting. We commend Germany and ODIHR for continuing to focus on this problem as ... Read More»

Tolerance and Non-Discrimination | Statement at Working Session 10 of HDIM 2016

Respect for the rights of persons belonging to national minorities is a cornerstone of the Helsinki Final Act. We underscore the importance of maintaining the independence of the High Commissioner on National Minorities and ODIHR. Read More»

Trafficking in Human Beings | Statement at Working Session 7 of HDIM 2016

The United States offers its continued support in the effort to save lives and protect those who are particularly vulnerable to human trafficking, including migrants and refugees. Europol has reported that known smuggling and human trafficking gangs are working together to exploit migrant vulnerabilities. This is particularly concerning given the influx last year of 90,000 ... Read More»

Freedom of Expression, Information, and Media Freedom | Statement at Working Session 6 of HDIM 2016

In establishing the Representative on Freedom of the Media in 1997, the OSCE participating States recognized that “free, independent, and pluralistic media are essential to a free and open society and accountable systems of government.” Read More»

Democratic Institutions | Statement at Working Session 1 of HDIM 2016

Elections are an essential element of democracy and a cornerstone of democratic institutions. The U.S. greatly appreciates the OSCE’s invaluable role in election observation – indeed, this organization has developed what is known as the “gold standard” for its methodology on evaluating elections. Read More»

Response to the Report by Head of the OSCE Mission to Skopje | Statement to the PC

The United States welcomes Ambassador Suomalainen back to the Permanent Council. Thank you, Ambassador, for your excellent report on the activities of the OSCE Mission in Skopje. The United States has been proud to work alongside the European Union with all of the political parties in Macedonia in an attempt to overcome the current political ... Read More»

On the Postponement of Elections in Macedonia: Statement to the PC

The decision by Macedonia’s Parliament to postpone the June 5 elections presents a renewed opportunity for the Parliament and the political leaders to demonstrate through their actions a firm commitment to the Przino Agreement and its principles – rule of law, accountability, inclusiveness, and credible elections. This framework remains the best way to move the ... Read More»

On developments in Macedonia: Statement to the PC

The United States is closely following developments in Macedonia. Disclosures made last year in recordings obtained from illegal wiretaps raised concerns about possible electoral fraud, media manipulation, and corruption, suggesting a failure to uphold Macedonia’s OSCE commitments. The United States welcomes ongoing efforts to implement the Przino Agreement, which represents Macedonia’s best path forward out ... Read More»

Developments in Macedonia: Statement to the PC

The United States is following carefully ongoing efforts in Macedonia to implement the political agreement between the major parties, known as the Przino Agreement. Adherence to the agreement represents Macedonia’s best path forward out of its current political crisis. Disclosures made in recordings obtained from illegal wiretaps raised concerns about possible electoral fraud, media manipulation, ... Read More»

Response to the Head of the OSCE Mission in Skopje: Statement to the PC

The United States welcomes Ambassador Suomalainen to the Permanent Council in her new capacity and thanks her for a comprehensive and detailed report. Ambassador Suomalainen, congratulations on your selection to lead the OSCE Mission to Skopje during a particularly difficult time in the country’s development. We enthusiastically support your selection and look forward to working ... Read More»

On the political agreement in Macedonia: Statement to the PC

The United States commends Macedonia’s leaders for reaching agreement to resolve the political crisis, following the constructive negotiations in Skopje on July 14 and 15. The agreement serves the best interests of the people of Macedonia by strengthening Macedonia’s prospects for Euro-Atlantic integration. Full implementation of the agreement will also aid Macedonia in fulfilling its ... Read More»

Response to the Foreign Minister of Macedonia and the Special Representative of the OSCE Chairmanship for the Western Balkans: Statement to the PC

We welcome Foreign Minister Poposki and Ambassador Stoudmann to the Permanent Council, and thank you both for your statements. The recent events in Macedonia have been the subject of considerable attention at the Permanent Council. The disclosures of illegal wiretaps and the information included in those recordings, involving allegations of electoral fraud, intimidation of media, ... Read More»

On Developments in Macedonia: Statement to the PC

We have followed with concern the developments in Macedonia in recent months, including both the political crisis that has emerged from the disclosure of wiretap recordings of alleged government wrongdoing and separately the incidents of violence between police and armed suspects in Goshince and Kumanovo. As was detailed in a spot report from the OSCE ... Read More»

U.S. calls on Macedonia authorities to address concerns and ensure democratic integrity: Statement to the PC

The United States continues to follow with concern the unfolding events in Macedonia. We call on authorities to demonstrate their commitment to the rule of law, respect for the freedom of expression, and the integrity of democratic processes in Macedonia.‎ We note the serious allegations that have called into question the independence of the media and ... Read More»
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