The 29th OSCE Ministerial Council | #OSCEMC2022

The 29th OSCE Ministerial Council | #OSCEMC2022

Each year in the first week of December foreign ministers and high-level government officials meet for the OSCE Ministerial Council, the central decision-making and governing body of the Organization.

The Polish OSCE 2022 Chairperson-in-Office (CiO), will host the 29th Ministerial Council in Łódź on December 1-2, 2022. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland will serve as the U.S. head of delegation to the OSCE Ministerial Council.  She will reiterate the U.S. commitment to the OSCE’s foundational principles, hold Russia to account for contravening OSCE commitments, and undermining the regional security order, and emphasize that the OSCE’s key role in restoring security in the region.

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24 and the Kremlin’s blatant disregard for its OSCE commitments have shattered the region’s collective security and every single one of the Helsinki Final Act’s guiding principles.  Despite offering Russia an opportunity to hold an enhanced European security dialogue, Russia has turned its back on the organization.  The United States, in close coordination with other participating Stateshas focused its efforts since February 24 on holding Russia to account. On November 1, the OSCE also launched a new Support Programme for Ukraine with $2 million in initial U.S. funding, to address some of the immediate challenges to civilians posed by Russia’s war and to support the long-term democratic and social resilience of Ukrainian institutions and civil society organizations.  


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Here are our the national statements delivered during the Ministerial Council 2022:

Plenary Statement at the 2022 OSCE Ministerial Council

Closing Remarks at the 2022 OSCE Ministerial Council  


The United States aligned themselves with following joint statements at the OSCE Ministerial:

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#OSCEMC2022: Joint Statement of the Group of Friends of Georgia

#OSCEMC2022: Joint Statement On Human Rights And Fundamental Freedoms