On the Transnistrian Settlement Process

A TV camera positioned in front of a backdrop with OSCE logos prior to a news conference at the Hofburg in Vienna. (OSCE, Mikhail Evstafiev)

On the Transnistrian Settlement Process

As delivered by Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. Harry R. Kamian
to the Permanent Council, Vienna
March 8, 2018

The United States remains firmly committed to the core goal of achieving a comprehensive, peaceful, and sustainable settlement of the conflict based on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Moldova with a special status for Transnistria within Moldova’s internationally-recognized borders. We are firmly committed to a results-oriented 5+2 settlement process.

The 5+2 talks that took place in Vienna November 27 and 28 showed that the sides can make progress when there is political will to do so. As my distinguished Moldovan colleague recounted, the re-opening of a key bridge across the Nistru River last November set in motion a series of measures on the apostilization of diplomas, telecommunications, Latin script schools, and the Dubasari farmland. These are important steps forward.

We call on the sides to adhere fully to their Vienna commitments and to come to an agreement on freedom of movement, car registration, and criminal cases as swiftly as possible in order to maintain positive momentum. These so-called “Package of Eight” deliverables will benefit the populations on both banks of the Nistru River.

Mr. Chair, in conclusion, the United States takes this opportunity to reaffirm its strong support for the Chairmanship’s Special Representative and for the OSCE Mission to Moldova.

Thank you, Mr. Chair.