U.S. Welcomes Cyber Security Showcase Highlighting Confidence Building Measures

PRESS RELEASE | November 7, 2014

Today, the Swiss OSCE Chairmanship convened a meeting of government officials, civil society, private sector and other security experts to discuss progress and challenges in the realm of cybersecurity. The meeting will highlight the first year of implementation of the OSCE’s cyber confidence-building measures, sharing best practices, and identifying opportunities for cooperation in tackling emerging challenges.

“Almost one year ago the OSCE made history in agreeing on text that would serve as a regional organization’s first-ever set of cyber confidence-building measures,” stated U.S. Permanent Representative to the OSCE Ambassador Daniel Baer. “Today we meet together once again to celebrate this hard-earned success.”

As of today, over half of the OSCE (30 participating States, in addition to the European Union), have satisfied all or part of the confidence building measures adopted by consensus and heralded as a key step forward at last year’s OSCE Ministerial meeting. The successful implementation of these measures highlight the integral role the OSCE can play in increasing transparency and reducing misperception among participating States. Examples of successful implementation of confidence building measures include the sharing of national cyber security strategies and points of contact on cyber issues.

“As Chair of this Informal Working Group, I urge all members to support one another, and hold ourselves and each other accountable for implementing the existing commitments, so that we can come closer to our ultimate objective: the fulfillment of all measures by all OSCE participating States,” urged Ambassador Baer. “We also have important work to do in the months ahead as we consider additional CBMs that can be a foundation for a cooperative approach to tackling common challenges. Today’s event is a chance to get feedback from academia and from members of the technical community and civil society as we think about how to move forward.”

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